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The Norwich Sports Informatics team is the four-person lineup that makes it possible to follow all Cadet sports teams on-line, blow by blow, on the Internet, according to the team’s director.

Their job is not a typical “8-5 desk job,” said Derek Dunning, 25, the Norwich University Director of Sports Information. The job is one that may require odd hours and traveling across the state, and sometimes farther, in order to provide recaps, statistics, and more to the general public via

“We are responsible for publicizing, and to an extent, promoting the 20 varsity teams here on campus.” Said Dunning, “We report the stats, write all the recaps on the website, send them out to local media and set up big-time interviews for athletes, and coordinate media transactions between the teams and the media.”

NU Sports Information Team

Left to right, Director Derek Dunning , Samantha Chickering (associate director), Brady Farcus (intern), and Charlie Crosby (associate director), make up the sports informatics team at NU.
Photo: Arielle Eaton

The informatics team is responsible for attending all home games to record stats and information for recaps. Staff may, at times, attend away games and/or attend all home games.

The team includes Dunning as the director, Charlie Crosby and Samantha Chickering, who are associate directors, as well as intern Brady Farcus. There are a few student volunteers and work study helpers who assist with photography and statistics.

The seemingly small team is actually four times the size it used to be when Norwich Alum Charlie Crosby joined a then one-man team in 2006.

“When I came here in 2001, there was only one person in charge of the program.” said Charlie Crosby, 71, the associate director of Norwich University sports information. “The program has certainly grown and prospered with the addition of new technologies and more sports added on the University program.”

However, Crosby feels that he and his team are not quite appreciated for all the work that they do. He wishes that more students would take an interest in the field and in turn help support their teams. He says, however, that the best part of his job is dealing with the players and athletes who compete for Norwich.

“The most rewarding part of the program is getting to work with younger people,” said Crosby. “It’s nice to see they still have respect and passion for their sports.”

With the year’s passing, Dunning notes that with the program progressing they are always looking for any help from anyone who maybe interested in the sports field.

“We are looking for more staff, there are bigger colleges that have large teams, so we encourage anyone who’s interested in sports to come out and help,” said Dunning, “We have work study available and it’s a great field to get into.”

Dunning encourages student involvement not only by helping out with the program itself but by following the program’s social media accounts: Norwich University Cadets, on Facebook, and @NorwichCadets, on Twitter.

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