Equality across lifestyles

Every other year since 2006, we have been doing student satisfaction surveys written by the survey firm Noel-Levitz. We will be doing another one this spring. One of the issues that has consistently been reported as being important to students but which students are not satisfied with has been the discipline system.

When the Corps and Civilian Blue Ribbon Committees did their work last year and the year before, they heard a great deal of dissatisfaction concerning the discipline system from the students they interviewed. The Board of Trustees wants a system that is fair to everyone—one where due process is followed and cases are resolved in a timely manner so students can go on with their lives.

In instances where the rules are different, the Trustees are fine with having separate processes. An example of this type of scenario is with the student regulations. Rules and regulations unique to the regiment are managed by commanders, and rules and regulations unique to the civilian students are managed by RAs. 

The honor code, however, has the same standard for everyone. The students have told me, as well as the Blue Ribbon Committee, that both groups think the other is not upholding the standard properly. Therefore, the students do not trust that the other group will administer the honor code fairly across different lifestyles. To resolve this problem, the Board of Trustees has instructed me to implement a process of adjudicating honor cases with one standard process, independent of lifestyle.

The end state of the honor system as defined by the Corps Blue Ribbon Committee reads as follows:

“Corps and civilian students live and study in an unambiguous environment with commonality as it relates to the application of the honor code and system.”

This spring I will be working with the existing honor committees to determine exactly how we are going to achieve this end state. More to follow!

I know this is a crunch time for exams.  Good luck to you. Study hard, finish the semester strong and have a wonderful holiday vacation.

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