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Have you ever wondered?

  • Why would an interviewer ask me how many jelly beans it takes to fill a 747?
  • When I introduce my boss to a client, whose name should I use first?
  • How can I network more effectively using LinkedIn?
  • What is it like to work for a non-profit organization?
  • I do not like mushrooms, but they’ve shown up in my interview lunch. Do I have to eat them anyway?

Now you can find answers to these and many of your other career related questions on the Career Center website: Depending on your questions, you may want to watch Interview videos, Etiquette videos, or 10 Good Minutes.

10 Good Minutes is a weekly series of 10-minute interviews that provides career strategies and advice to young professionals. Each episode features a different perspective. 10 Good Minutes is more than just career talk; it is advice, tips and resources you can use, provided in a comfortable and easy to understand format, presented by industry professionals. Just search for your topics of interest, click, watch and learn!

Interview Videos provide answers to interview questions, insight into the information you need to include, and insight into what is going through the interviewers’ mind during the process. There are 18 videos available, with an average run time of just over 3 minutes each. Now that’s a few minutes well spent!

Dining Etiquette Videos answer those crazy questions about which fork to use, what NOT to order for a lunchtime interview, and how to make a toast to your host. Let Etiquette Advocate help you make the best impression for business and social events. Each video is about five minutes long. I guarantee you’ll learn something that will come in handy at your next business function!

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