As We See It

As we close the fall semester, it’s natural to glance back to the months we’ve spent here so far. The campus has gone from the sunny days of Vermont filled with blasting music by the volleyball courts and afternoon dips in the Dog, to early nightfall with holiday carols on Jackman steps and cozying up in barracks with some hot cocoa. We’ve sunbathed on the green, hiked during peak season, and gone sledding with what little snow we’ve seen thus far.

Maybe it’s been the best semester of your career at Norwich thus far. Or maybe, when you look back you have some regrets. Even more possible, you reflect back on all that’s come throughout this semester and ask yourself why you even bother. It’s a common feeling that many students at NU get. Why do we do what we do? Who is it really impacting? It happened to me for the first time this year, as I questioned why I was putting in so many hours dedicated to things that I am not sure will even make a difference. But they do. Those feelings are just a slump that students get into every once in a while. There’s one tradition that ‘they’ can never take away!

Don’t let the slump of the winter season get you down. If nothing else, we all have one thing to look forward to: The inevitable desire that resides in an odd number of NU students to run close to, or entirely, naked through the snow-covered campus as if you’re immune to the cold…streaking. Not to mention graduation and commissioning for many, the junior ring ceremony, and whatever personal goals you create for yourself, even if it’s streaking!

-Audrey Seaman, The Guidon editor.

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